RNAscope is a cutting-edge multiplex nucleic acid in situ hybridization (ISH) technology that can be used to investigate gene expression for any target in tissues or cells.

Based on Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) patented signal amplification and background suppression technology, RNAscope is a highly reliable tool for visualizing the expression of any gene within FFPE tissue at single RNA molecule levels of sensitivity.  By enabling researchers to visualize the specific location and expression level of new target(s) / biomarker(s) in animal and human tissues and quantify the level of expression, RNAscope advances biomarker discovery.  The simple, non-radioisotopic in situ hybridization assay delivers highly sensitive and specific molecular detection of RNA species on a cell-by-cell basis within the morphological context of actual tissue.

This breakthrough is potentially game changing particularly where there is limited availability of reliable antibodies, for example: receptors, GPCRs, transcriptional factors non-coding RNA and secreted proteins.  This can be particularly powerful when coupled to markers of protein expression, and Aquila Histoplex has the capacity to multiplex up to 6 markers using a Leica RX robot. RNAscope is the perfect solution to enable your research project to move forward.

Adult Rat Testis, mRNA and Protein Multiplex: DAPI, TP2 mRNA, BrdU, Vimentin, VASA, Smooth Muscle Actin

Adult Rat Testis, mRNA and Protein Multiplex: DAPI, TP2 mRNA, BrdU, Vimentin, VASA, Smooth Muscle Actin

Key Benefits of RNAscope Technology Include:

  • Unprecedented Levels of Performance: RNAscope has been fully validated to detect at single RNA molecule sensitivity – there is simply no more sensitive in situ assay.  The unique probe design and proprietary algorithms eliminate any opportunity for cross hybridization providing absolute specificity for your chosen target within the context of intact tissue environment.
  • Scale: RNAscope probes can be generated for ANY gene in ANY species in ANY tissues in just 3 weeks. With a rapidly expanding portfolio of over 4,000 probes covering human, rat, mouse, monkey, dog and many other species RNAscope eliminates the conventional bottle necks associated with new antibody optimization and / or sourcing.
  • Highly Attractive Costs: Unlike expensive custom antibody production or optimization which requires anywhere from 6 months – several years without any guarantee of success – each RNAscope probes require just 3 weeks to manufacture and come with a fully guaranteed level of sensitivity and specificity performance.


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