Aquila Histoplex is the only European-accredited provider of RNAscope services. RNAscope is a cutting-edge multiplex nucleic acid in situ hybridization (ISH) technology that can be used to investigate gene expression for any target in tissues or cells. It enables routine detection and visualisation of virtually any expressed gene in FFPE tissue samples at a single RNA molecule level of sensitivity. It is compatible with conventional chromogenic dyes for bright-field microscopy or fluorescent dyes for fluorescent microscopy. Multiplex analysis can be undertaken using colourimetric or fluorescent endpoints (see Multiplex IF & RNAscope). Analysis of biomarkers or targets in situ is higly desirable, allowing the integration of expression information with the molecular phenotype of the sample.

Further your drug target development and immuno-oncology research applications using RNAscope:

  • Pre-clinical assessment of efficacy and toxicity
  • Visualise the expression of target(s) across multiple tissues
  • Validation of MOA of novel targets within disease models in tissue samples
  • As a biomarker/companion diagnostic tool for disease classification
  • Assess tumour heterogeneity and the TME
  • For any target where there is limited availability of reliable antibodies


Adult Rat Testis, mRNA and Protein Multiplex: DAPI, TP2 mRNA, BrdU, Vimentin, VASA, Smooth Muscle Actin


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