In vitro Immune Cell Assays

In vitro Immune Cell Assays


To improve immunity across a range of diseases, an understanding of the immune response is essential. Aquila offers a range of in vitro assays to best mimic in vivo immune activation, allowing assessment of compound effects on the activation and differentiation of innate immune cells, T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes using standard as well as more sophisticated immunoassays.

Our in vitro assays can be configured to mimic different pathological settings (Th1/Th2/Th17 etc) and responses can be profiled to generate an interpretation of potential clinical application to allow lead compound selection prior to progression to relevant in vivo testing.

Our assays include:

T cells to assess compound effects on occurrence and/or activity of pathogenic T cell subsets (Th1, Th2 and Th17) vs Treg

Innate cell assays including dendritic cell (DC) and macrophage assays to understand functional effects on innate cells alone and in co-culture assays to complement T cell data and aid interpretation of any compound effects on T cell phenotype. Readouts include:

  • Cytokine production by ELISA/multiplex array (eg. IFN-γ, IL 17, IL-10 and more)
  • Proliferation (CFSE, Ki67, thymidine incorporation)
  • Multi parameter Flow Cytometry (cytokines, transcription factors, activation markers, proliferation, viability)
  • Cytotoxicity assays (LDH)

Compounds selected from our screening assays could also progress on to a relevant in vivo model to demonstrate efficacy and therapeutic potential. Please contact us for further information on the models available.


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