T Cell Killing Assay

T Cell Killing Assay


Aquila has established specialised immuno-oncology in vitro protocols to assess the ability of antibodies/compounds to modulate the effector function of immune cell subsets and initiate a killing response (apoptosis) towards cultured tumour cells. It is designed as a T cell (or NK cell) killing assay. This can be established either as a cytotoxic T cell assay or an antibody dependant cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) assay (NK cells).

Target tumour cells are labelled with NucLightTM Red (for tumour cell counting) and seeded into a 96-well plate, and treated with caspase 3/7 along with compounds under investigation. Immune cells are added (either as PBMC, CD8+ or NK cells, depending on target of choice) and the plate is incubated in the IncuCyte ZOOM® for a defined period of time. This technology allows real-time visualisation and automated analysis of immune cell-mediated killing of tumour cells.

Assay Read-Outs:

  • Measurement of apoptosis
  • Proliferation of tumour cells
  • Supernatant and cellular cytokine expression e.g. IFN-γ by flow cytometry, ELISA or multiplex

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