Human PBMC Phenotypic Screening

Human PBMC Phenotypic Screening


Aquila can provide a range of in vitro human cell assays, tailored to address specific questions on novel compound effects and mechanism of action in the human immune system. The use of flow cytometry enables multiple physiologically relevant readouts from a given population of primary cells allowing phenotypic screening of compounds. Screening candidate compounds using short, predictive in vitro assays identifies those that show efficacy on target pathways, as well as demonstrating absence of unwanted off-target effects, consequently compounds have the potential to reach the clinic faster and with a greater chance of success.

The development of assays utilising PBMCs from healthy donors, as well as from patients with various diseases, allows for therapeutic investigation of normal and abnormal functions in human immune cells.

PBMCs or isolated T cells can be activated or polarised, with responses profiled following the application of a test drug in comparison to relevant reference controls.

Our assays include:

  • LPS-induced cytokine production
  • PBMC stimulation with anti CD3/28
  • T cells assays to evaluate effects on occurrence and/or activity of pathogenic T cell subsets (Th1, Th2 and Th17)

Read-outs include:

  • Cytokine production by ELISA/multiplex array (eg. IFN-γ, IL 17, IL-10 and more)
  • Proliferation (CFSE, Ki67 or thymidine incorporation)
  • Multi parameter flow cytometry (cytokines, transcription factors, activation markers, proliferation, viability)
  • Cytotoxicity assays (LDH)

Please contact us for further information on the types of assays available or the possibility of designing cellular assays tailored to your specific requirements.


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